Rachael bags Thanksgiving dinner

The local FFA chapter hosted a Turkey shoot at a neighbor’s farm on Saturday.  The kids were invited by the  neighbor and had a great time.  Evidentally Rachael is quite the crack shot, winner 3 of the 11 shoots. 

Turkey shoots do not include shooting turkeys, but targets nailed to trees.  Prizes are turkeys and country hams.  She won 2 turkeys and 1 Bigham country ham.  She graciously gave one of the turkeys to Mr. Harry, who was hosting the event.  Other one in the freezer for later in the month.

Country ham- something I have never cooked before.  I called Mrs. Kay for assitance.  As the UT Extension County agent’s wife and a native Tennessean, I knew she could help me.  There are several options for the ham, but all include slicing, deboning and cooking.  Tim said he would cut it today and I will package ham pieces in single meal packages.  While I have not cooked country ham, I have eaten it.  It is salt cured pork ham, so very salty to my pallet.  I think that we will  use it more for seasoning, like for bean soup or scalloped potatoes.


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mama to 4 wonderful kids. live on a farm and raise sheep
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