Sue’s Cheviots farm visit

While in CA for my parents’ 50 anniversay party, we were able to travel up the coast and visit Sue Traglia and see her Cheviot farm.  Sue and Dan were so gracious to show us all around their farm, barn and most importantly their sheep.

Dan has a flock of Katadins that he uses to clear grape orchards.  He contains them with an portable electric fence system.  The sheep eat the grass between the rows and any grapes that dropped to the grounds.  They do not distrub the grape vines.

Sue has a flock of Cheviots.  Rachael purchased a January ewe from her at the National Cheviot Sale in Springfield, IL in June.  Sue had 12 lambs on the ground and more coming.  The lambs were just adorable!  The ewes were a bit skittish, as you would expect for Cheviots, but we got to see them in a small pasture.  And we saw the herd rams too.  Rachael is planning to purchase a new ram and perhaps a fall ewe.  Both could be shown next year and the ram would be our herd ram for the next 2 years.

While we have visited with Dan and Sue at shows and meetings, it was great to just walk around the farm and chat.  Both are so knowledgable and willing to share.  Maybe they can come for a visit someday.

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mama to 4 wonderful kids. live on a farm and raise sheep
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