Let it snow

The weatherman predicted snow for today and he was right.  It was the big Christams choir program at church, so I really did not want to miss it.  The temp was 29 when I got up and was down to 25 by the time I left for church. Thankfully the bad weather waited until after noon, so all went according to schedule.  There were a few gliches at church:  no heat in Kids Town Square and in half of the preschool hall.  It was pretty cold in the worship center too.

We delivered wood to a family having a rough time.  This is the 3rd truck load we have given them.  So glad that we have been blessed with a lot of trees and that Tim and Aaron work hard during the summer to down and cut the wood. 

Offically schools here are closed tomorrow, but that does not affect our school.  We will actually get a lot of school work done because all extra activities are also cancelled.  I plan to do some sewing- xmas presents.

About dwolters

mama to 4 wonderful kids. live on a farm and raise sheep
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