Christmas dinner for 800, to go, please

It has become one of the Wolters’ family traditions to serve Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner for the hungry of our community.  Servant’ Heart organizes the food prep and distribution.  There are so many people who help to just make it happen.

We started on Christmas eve and prepared 250 portions of stuffing (better known as dressing here in the south).  We delivered to the American Legion Hall and helped to store food and bone turkeys.  Many people had dropped off their turkeys, so Tim dug in.  1 1/2 hrs and a flock of turkeys later we were done.  We headed home to clean up before church and a party. 

Christmas morning we woke up to a White Christmas!  After determining that the roads were ok we headed to town to serve the meals.  The food warm-up crew had been there for a couple of hours and we were ready.  I was asked to serve turkey and Hannah served stuffing right beside me.  We worked continuously for 2 hours and served just under 800 meals. 

The rest of the family was at their work stations:  Rachael was on the wrapping crew, Bethany was on desserts and Tim and Aaron delivered meals.

It is incredible to think that something like a hot meal can so brighten someone’s day.

Christmas menu

  • Turkey
  • stuffing
  • sweet potatoes
  • cranberry sauce
  • green beans
  • roll
  • dessert

About dwolters

mama to 4 wonderful kids. live on a farm and raise sheep
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