Menus Jan 10-17

With the beginning of the new year I am working to be a bit more orgaized in our home life.  This will be the menu plan for the next week.  My college girls will be here all or part of the week.  Tim and Aaron will be attending TN Hunters’ Saftey classes each evening in Brentwood each evening.  And 4-H meetings begin this week, so the evenings will be alittle busy.  Wed we are at church from 5:00-9:00, so I am going to try having a big meal at lunch since we all want to snack when we get home from church.

Monday:  King Ranch Casserole, spanish rice, salad, cooked carrots, apple crisp

Note:  bake casserole and apple crisp at the same time.

Tuesday: Red beans and rice, fruit salad, squash

Wed:  Chicken noodle soup, toast, salad- noon meal

Thurs:  Chicken and stir fry vegetables with rice, fruit

Note:  make double batch of rice to have on Friday

Friday:  Beef stroganoph- crock pot recipe, rice (from Thurs) green beans,  brownies

Saturday:  We will be attending the Gov’s inaguration and parade in downtown Nashville, then to a swim meet near the Nashville Airport. So we will pack snacks for the day:  crackers, sliced cheese, oranges, cereal, etc.


About dwolters

mama to 4 wonderful kids. live on a farm and raise sheep
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