Hoover Steam Cleaner

Sometimes you have to spend money to save money.  Tim had suggested that we purchase a carpet steam cleaner for years, but I never saw the need to spend that much money.  And in two different places we lived, I could borrow one.  A couple of years ago I finally decided to investigate carpet cleaners.  I even bought one at Big Lots, reconditioned, for a great price.  I returned that one bacause I did not like the water system, but decided that I might really like to own one.

More research.

I finally decided to buy a Hoover, steam cleaner, just like the one I had borrowed several years before.  After investigating all the models and options, I selected a rather basic model.  I decided that I could use hot water for cleaning, so did not need the hot water heater model.  Then I began to shop price.  Wal-mart had the best price, so I bought one.

We have used it a lot!  We clean the high traffic rooms often, and the bedrooms less often.  And the best part is we don’t have to clean the whole house at once, like when we rent a unit.  Another benefit is that if there is a spill or accident, we can quickly clean it up, avoiding staining the carpet.

Plus, one of my teenagers is quite an expert at using it, and has cleaned more of the carpets than I have.

Soaps:  I puchased the Great Values brand allergy formula and still have the first bottle.  It has a fresh clean scent.  We have experiemented with using vinegar or just water.  All work well.  Since we are pretty hard on our carpets I do not know if using soap attracts more dirt as some claim.  All I know is that when I empty the rinse water it is always quite dirty, and I am glad that I have cleaned.

Disclaimer:  Hoover has not endorsed this article. I was not compensated in any way.  All ideas and opinions are  my own.


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