National Banana Pudding Cook-Off

Hannah has a hobby of entering recipe contests…and she often wins.  It started when she was on swim team and was bored while swimming laps ( and a bit hungry, I guess) she would make up recipies.  She started making yummy things for us.  Well, yummy most of the time.  Anyway, she has won several contests over the last 5 years, inlcuding some national contests that have earned her some serious money.

Now she wanted a new challenge, so started entering recipies for cook-offs.  These contests have the added step of preparing the recipe for a panel of judges.  She was selected as a finalist in the National Banana Pudding Cook-off, held in Hickman County, TN.  She was the youngest of the 10 finalists, but she held her own.

While she did not place in the top 3, she was pleased with her 1st cook-off.

Interview on Tennessee Crossroads, visit:


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