Boiron- Product review

Last week I was pretty sick.  It ended up that it was a very bad cold, but in the middle of it, I felt really bad.  I don’t like to take a lot of medicine, but I felt bad enough to try some.  I had some cold medicine in the bathroom and when I could not sleep, I took the recommended dose.  WOW, that made me feel really bad! 

So the next day I decided to not take it again.  I had recieved some samples of Boiron’ s children’s cold and flu medicines to try, but thankfully none of the kids had been ill.  I decided I would try it. 

The Cold Calm quickly became my favorite.  This homeopathic medicine is easy to take and acts quickly to clear my nose so I could breath and sleep.  I only had the children’s formula and took the children’s dose, it worked great.

The coughing came next, so I used the Children’s Chestal, and it worked well too.  The honey in this formula makes it for children over age 2, but made it taste very sweet. 

Thankfully I am over all this, but I will be using Boiron products in the future.  They lived up to their claims and worked to get this busy mom back on her feet.

Disclaimer:  I received samples of Boiron products to test.  All opinions are my own.


About dwolters

mama to 4 wonderful kids. live on a farm and raise sheep
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