Waiting for lambs…

The main product on our farm is lambs.  We have the largest flock of registered Cheviot sheep in the state of TN.  Cheviots are wonderful sheep, known for their hardiness and good mothering skills.  They have their lambs in the early spring, so we are waiting…

Leigha, Aaron’s ewe, traditionally always has the first lamb.  And according the Dr. Jill Sawanack, that is rather normal.  Apparently her daughters would be early lambers too, but she has only had ram lambs.  We have been waiting and watching for a couple of weeks now, and is it gets closer to mid Feb we are confident that the lambs will soon show up. 

Now that the weather has turned very cold again, we are very watchful.  The mothers do a good job of cleaning and warming the lambs after birth, but it is pretty cold when you are wet and the temp is in the 20’s. 

Hopefully we will soon have pictures of cute lambs and will have a running lamb count:  ewes and rams.  Stay tuned.


About dwolters

mama to 4 wonderful kids. live on a farm and raise sheep
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One Response to Waiting for lambs…

  1. Jill swannack says:

    Hi Dee,
    Your blog looks great. Reminds me of my life. My kids all think Goodwill is the only place to shop for clothes. We are nearly done lambing the Suffolks and the Polypays don’t start until mid March.
    Jill S.

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