Prepare for County Fair season now

Tennessee has a long, strong tradition of county, regional and state fairs. Some of the fairs have been going more than 150 years.  It brings the community together for a few days to showcase the unique things that make the area special.  From animal shows to the funnel cakes, quilt displays to lawn mower races, the county fair is a wonderful family time.

Each fall we attend over a dozen fairs.  It is the kids’ summer job to exhibit their sheep at fairs.  The sheep are entered in the Breeding Sheep show and the kids are awarded premuims dependant of the quality of their animals.  There is many hours of work preparing the sheep prior to arriving at the show and several hours of hot, hard work at the show.  But the rewards are excellent.  They have a check to deposit and help pay for feed.  They have made incredible friends all over the state in fellow sheep breeders.  And the satification of a job well done.

Another aspect of the county fair we enjoy participating in is the craft exhibits.  Through out the year we sew, quilt, knit, crochet, paint, etc items to enter in the fair.  These items are judged and awarded premuims.  We are able to enter the same items in several fairs thoughout the fall, collecting multiple premuims on each item.  Following fair season the items are given as gifts, donated, or used.  It is a fun way to enjoy our hobbies and earn a few dollars in the process. 

Last year my goal was to make my fair entry items without purchasing anything.  We have several boxes of scrap fabric, so there was a lot to chose from.  It was a little challenging to find pieces of fabric large enough for some projects, but it worked.  I earned about $45 from the few items I had made.  I am alreay planning the projects for the 2011 fair season.


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