Managing your grocery budget #1

We love to eat just like all families and with 4 children ages 14-20, a lot of food comes into and goes out of our kitchen.  But my work on managing our food budget really began over 20 years ago when I first became a stay at home mother when Bethany was born in 1990.  When we worked out our budget without my income the food budget was $20/week.  That was pretty doable, especially at the beginning because Tim ate most of his weekly meals at work and I was breastfeeding, so no baby formula. 

But $20 a week???  Since Tim is in the food industry I asked him how to save money.  His answer was:

Make everything from scratch.  Do not use prepared foods or mixes. 

So I began evaluating all my food purchases.  I had grown up with my mother using Bisquick, so I had used it too.  But what is Bisquick?  Flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt.  And I was paying to have it mixed and put in a cute yellow box. 

This is just one example of prepared foods that I have excluded from our pantry.  Other common prepared foods include:

  • cake mix
  • brownie mix
  • muffin mix
  • frosting
  • flavored rice or pasta mixes
  • dried mashed potatoes

The list is quite endless.  And all these items are very easy to use but come with the added cost of peparation. 

So, I got out my “Betty Crocker Cookbook” and learned that making all these items are pretty easy and have a very simple ingrediant list.  I spent several weeks gathering the pantry items to be able to make all the things that I had formerly used mixes for. 

Though cooking from scratch I found that many of the items really taste much better than the boxed equivants.  And when I serve these yummy foods to others they are so surpirsed how good they were.  Some adults had never had a cake made from scratch.

Next time:  Saving money by planning menus.



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