Managing your budget- Volunteer!

We are heading to the National Wildlife and Turkey Federation 2011 Convention.  The tickets cost $20/each, but all 4 of us will get in free.  No, we are not sneaking in, we will have name tags and be welcomed at the registration desk.  We are volunteering!  For the exchange of 3 hours of work we get admission to this large convention. 

This principal has worked for numerous other events that we have wanted to attend, but just could not come up with the money.  Several years ago when Casting Crowns was coming to Nashville Bethany really wanted to attend the concert, but the tickets were out of reach.  I began doing a bit of research and found that if we registered with World Vision, who was a concert sponsor, did some work for them during intermission and following the concert, we could watch the concert for free.  We also attended a David Phelps concert working for the same group.

Another volunteer opportunity that led to a free ticket was volunteering for the Franklin Wine Festival, which is a fund raiser for Big Brothers/ Big Sisters of Franklin.  The tickets for this are $75, so I began looking for discounts, when I discovered that if we volunteer to work at a table for several hours we get in free.  And, volunteers get a great meal sponsored by Whole Foods, an apron and get to enjoy the festival too.  We have had a great time working at this event and met people from all over the country.

So, the next time you think you can’t go to some event because the cost of the tickets is too much, do a bit of research and see if you can volunteer and get in free.  BTW your mileage to and from the event can be claimed as in income tax deduction, cost of volunteering.


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mama to 4 wonderful kids. live on a farm and raise sheep
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