Free coffeemaker, in a matter of speaking

Last weekend our Mr Coffee maker started acting quite strange. Rather than just making coffee, it just made steam and sputtered.  After a couple attempts of just restarting it, we decided that it was just worn out and time to get another one.  We were going to town so we planned to purchase another one.  Before we left I did attempt to clean it one more time, and poured  about 1/2 cup of white vinegar into the water tank. 

Several hours and 3 stores later, we came home without a new coffee maker.  I really like my Mr. Coffee maker with the metal carafe, but there was not one at any of the stores we visited.  I decided to wait and try and order one on line.  As I was preparing dinner, I decided to push the power button one more time and see if it was working.  And much to my surprise, it did work this time.  I ran several more pots of water through it, to rid the vinegar smell from the carafe. 

So we have a new coffee maker for the cost of 1/2 of vinegar. 

Moral of the story:  Don’t forget to clean your coffee maker periodically with vinegar.


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mama to 4 wonderful kids. live on a farm and raise sheep
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