“Washington’s Lady” by Nancy Moser- Book Review

“Washington’s Lady” by Nancy Moser is a wonderful look into the life of our first First Lady.  Martha Curtis Washington was George’s wife long before he was the first president.  And this historical fiction novel shares deeply from her perspective.  In the book Moser shares deeply of Martha’s feelings and actions especially relating to her family and most certainly George.

The novel is well written and easy to read.  It is shows us how life was lived at the time our country was just being born, with all the hardships and joys.  Martha experienced death numerous times in her family and was often haunted by the fear of her children and husband dying.  Many illnesses that today are easily cured by antibiotics were deadly in Martha’s day.  In a personal note, while reading this book I had a bout with strep throat.  I was in and out of the Dr. and pharmacy in an afternoon and feeling much better by the next morning.  But for Mother Washington this was an illness to be feared and she had few tools with which to combat it.  I am thankful we have doctors and medicines today that save us from the death and illness tha surrounded Martha and George.

Great read, “Washington’s Lady”!  While it does not give a lot of the traditional historical information found in traditional history books, there is enough to keep us focused on the terrible conditions and lives lost in the founding of our country.

Disclaimer:  I received this book by using credits I had accumulated on the Paperback swap.  All opinions are my own.

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