Book Give-a-way, register to win!

Since I have finished the 2 newest books by Liz Curtis Higgs and reviewed them here, I thought one of you might want a chance to read them too.  So, I am giving away both of the books.  These are the copies I read, so they are not brand new, but I was not to hard on them.  Just leave a comment with your name and email and I will chose a winner April 9, in honor of my mother’s birthday.


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mama to 4 wonderful kids. live on a farm and raise sheep
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5 Responses to Book Give-a-way, register to win!

  1. Heidi Nunes says:

    I really like Liz Curtis Higgs books! It would be fun to win because I can’t afford my book addiction! =)

  2. Laura Adair says:

    I saw Liz Curtis Higgs at WWW a few years ago and loved her! I haven’t read any of her books yet….would love to win these books!

  3. Linda Schaffer says:

    I heard Liz Years ago and she was funny. Haven’t read any of her books yet.

  4. Nancy C. says:

    I do enjoy historical fiction, though I haven’t read any of Liz Curtis Higgs’ books. I have the book collector bug now, and would love to add to my collection.

  5. Rachel V says:

    I SO enjoy the Liz Curtis Higgs “Bad Girls of the Bible” series…I think they are brilliant! I would love to read her novels as well!!

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