Ag Day on the Hill

Today was Ag Day on the Hill in Tennessee, the day that the legislatures focus on agriculture and its producers.  The rain curtailed many of the activities including the legendary milking contest between the Republicans and the Democrats.  I did hear that the dairy farmers did not see a problem with the contest, as they must milk rain or shine.

We met with our Representative and several others during our visit.  We saw exhibits from many agricultural interests including producers groups ( cattleman’s association, pork producers, dairy producers, etc), universities and colleges, Extension operations, and farm support organizations (Farm Credit Services, TN Farmers’ Coop, and Farm Bureau). 

It was educational as well, to meet people and express our appreciation for the work they do in various areas.  And for the kids to learn about how the government really works.  They observed meetings in the hall with legislators discussing bills soon to be voted on.  We were invited to sit and eat our lunch with a group of people who have great influence in their areas of expertise.  It was nice to see how much we were welcomed by not only our representative, but also be another staff person who took time to help us get where we needed to be. I enjoyed seeing that at least my state is still governed by real people who are helpful and take time for us.

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mama to 4 wonderful kids. live on a farm and raise sheep
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