“when sparrows fall” by Meg Moseley

“When Sparrows Fall” is the debut novel by Meg Moseley.  The story a gripping tale of family dynamics and a mother’s love.

Miranda and her 6 children are part of a religious community that holds to very severe and ultra conservative rules.  Carl, her late husband, had chosen to be a part of the sect when he inherited the land upon his mother’s death. From outward appearances the families were living in community and Biblically.  But when Miranda is injured in a fall, her brother-in-law, Jack comes to help out with the kids and begins to question this “community.”

Jack is a professor of writing at the university in Chattanooga, but drops everything when he receives a call from his nephew.  Never having had children of his own, Jack is a bit unnerved by having to care for 6 youngsters, but he quickly finds his way.

Miranda slowly recovers from the physical injuries, but Jack wanders about the church and its members.  Over the weeks, Jack and Miranda become friends and Jack slowly learns the truth of the situation in Miranda’s home. Jack also begins to deal with his own issues from his growing up years.

This story shows how people can control others with words and lies.  And how religious leaders are often very hungry for power and abuse those who trust them. Miranda lacked a Biblical foundation to stand up to her husband or religious leader at the beginning of the novel.  But after years of isolation and submission, she is strengthened by her mother’s love for her children to take a stand on their behalf.

Disclaimer:  I received this book from Waterbrook Press as a member of their Blogging for Books program.  All opinions are my own.


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