Extreme couponing in Columbia, TN?

We have watched several episodes of the new show Extreme Couponing.  I have mixed thoughts about the show.  While I admire the folks working that hard to save money and care for their family, I do feel that the producers do not give us the whole picture.  For example, they do not mention how much each family spends on buying coupons from a clipping service or buying extra newspapers each week.  And then there is disregard for the store rules regarding coupon usage and limits.  I have read some reports of potential fraud in using coupons for the incorrect product. But all that aside, it is inspiring to see people buying a lot of stuff and not having to pay much out of pocket.  I do it on a much smaller scale at the drug store and it is pretty cool to walk out with a bag full of products and paid less than $1.

Last week I had to return a product to Wal-mart because I had purchased the wrong size.  While waiting in line, there was an extreme coupon shopper buying toilet paper.  He had called ahead of time because there was a whole pallet of toilet paper waiting for him.  He had a stack of internet printed coupons and a store circular (for price matching).  I was not able to observe the entire transaction, but it appeared that he was getting a good deal on tp.

Of course there were no TV crews around, just us shoppers.  The clerk was able to handle the transaction without any problems.  She counted the number of tp and coupons.  Apparently he had too many coupons, but they were able to resolve that.  Then she had to verify the coupons.  And that is where I left, but I assume at the end he took the pallet load to his car. 

Have you watched Extreme Couponing?  What are your thoughts on these transactions?  Have you done any extreme couponing?  How much time do you spend on couponing each week?  Is it worth buying many extra papers or using a coupon clipping service to get multiples of coupons to use each week?  Do you have an extreme stock pile?


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