Frugal summer activities #2

The temps are over 90 degrees and there is a bit of humidity too. Now that summer is here, what are we going to do all day and not spend too much money?

Summer day ideas:

  • Pack a picnic and head to the park.  If you regularly have park days, pick a new one.  Go early in the morning before it gets to hot and crowded.  Stay a long time!  Take a book and let the kids play.  Be sure and take refillable water bottles filled with cold water!
  • Visit the neighborhood or community pool- plan a day at the pool.  Even if you have to pay for everyone, enjoy a good long time to play in the water and cool off.  If you have young children make sure you are in the water with them, and that they are wearing life jackets.  Safety first!
  • Invite friends for dinner- enjoy grilling dinner or even eat outside if possible.  After dinner play games or just chat.  Summer is a great time to visit with friends who are often to busy to get together during the school year.
  • Ice cream night- Who does not love ice cream sundeas and banana splits?  But visiting an ice cream parlor can clean out the wallet.  So, do it at home.  For the cost of 2 orders of ice cream  you can get ice cream, bananas, chocolate sauce, whipping cream and sprinkles and make your own. Plus, there will probably be enough to have some again tomorrow.
  • Movie night- with the kids out of school bed times can be a bit later, sometimes.  Find a family friendly movie from the library or try Redbox (movies for $1).  Combine with popcorn or the banana splits mentioned above for a great evening.

Tried anything with the family that we should try?  Let us know your creative ways to enjoy summer without breaking the budget.

About dwolters

mama to 4 wonderful kids. live on a farm and raise sheep
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