Frugal Summer Activities #5- more fun stuff to do

OK, so summer is still here and we are looking for more things to do.  Here are some more ideas:

  • Lowes, Home Depot Saturday Build And Grow workshops- workshops hosted by these home improvement stores where the kids receive a kit to build a wood item.  Free with sign up.
  • Factory tours- check to see if there are any factories or industries in your area that give tours.  Our family has enjoyed Purity Dairy and Celestial Seasonings tours. If the factory makes a food items often there are samples.
  • Historical happenings -now that we live in the South I am amazed at the number of Civil War memorials and activities.  The reenactments are well staged and educational.  This could be part of your camping trip if you are visiting a National or State Park.
  • Vacation in your own town- pretend you are a tourist.  If you were visiting your town what would you do?  Pack a lunch and play tourist.  For example, in our County Court House there are several murals painted on the walls that depict the history of our county and state. Also state capitals are great places to visit.  Check to see if you legislature is still in session and make an appointment to visit your representative. Side note, it is great to begin building a relationship with your representative when you are not asking for a vote.
  • Find another friend with a pool and see if you can go swimming.  Or go back to the same one you visited last week.  Offer to bring snacks for everyone as “admission” to use the pool.

Any other ideas of frugal summer activities?  Share here.



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mama to 4 wonderful kids. live on a farm and raise sheep
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