Frugal Summer Activites- #6

Summer is definitely a time for fun, family and playing.  As the weeks continue, what are we to do without spending too much money.  And build some memories too.

  • Build a tent in the living room.  Give the kids bed sheets, blankets, pillows, etc to build a tent using living room furniture.  They should spend hours perfecting their design and then equipping their tent- give them plastic dishes, etc.  Maybe even serve lunch at the “campsite.”
  • For preschoolers- make play dough and let them play all day.  For an extra boost, make edible playdough.
  • Do a community service project- Even preschoolers can be involved when the project is well planned.  Some simple ideas to get you started:  pick up trash on your road; help serve lunch at a soup kitchen, make cookies and take to your local fire station, buy shelf stable food and personal care items and donate to local agency, buy school supplies and donate to school or agency  collecting them. If you want more ideas, check the local happenings in the newspaper and see if you can help a local cause.
  • Plan a theme dinner- try Mexican, Italian, breakfast for dinner, Christmas in July, etc.  Let the kids decorate and dress up in costume.  Play theme music, and rent a movie that ties in.  Use the good dishes and have a great time.
  • Go swimming, again.  Unless you have access to an indoor pool, summer is the best time for swimming.  Added benefits:  cooling on these super hot days and the kids sleep so well after an afternoon at the pool.
  • Clean out closets and plan back to school purchases.  Since we home school we do not have uniforms or supply lists to follow.  But I have found that school supplies are on sale this time of year, so I do stock up on our most commonly used products.  We typically do not buy clothes this time of year, but if the kids are heading back to school, get a head start on the shopping by determining if last years clothes fit and what is needed to complete wardrobe for the fall. 
  • Donate out grown clothes, see above.

What are you doing for fun this summer?  Share your ideas with all of us.



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mama to 4 wonderful kids. live on a farm and raise sheep
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