Take me to the Fair- summer activities #7

With more people forgoing the 2 week car trip vacation, they are looking for more activities closer to home.  Check out your local fair.  The county fair is still alive and well in most parts of the country.  Plan to make a day of it!  Check the schedule and see what activities are going on and pick a day that has something for everyone. Remember that the fair is more than just the carnival rides.  Check out the exhibit buildings and the animal shows.  There is so much to learn and admire away from the midway.

We are a farm family and my kids raise sheep all year long.  During the summer is when they earn their college money with the sheep.  They spend grueling hours at home washing and fitting the sheep to take to the sheep show at the fair.  We will arrive in the early morning, move the sheep into their assigned pens and unload a lot of equipment.  After they have given the sheep feed and water, they will do more grooming, all in preparation for the show.  Later, they will bring the sheep into the show ring by age class to be judged.  They are awarded ribbons and premiums ($) for each place.  When they have finished with their sheep they often help other exhibitors with their sheep. At the end of the day we load up everything and drive home, where we unload the sheep and equipment again.  And do all the chores that could not be accomplished while we were at the fair all day long.

So when you visit the fair, take time to meet the exhibitors.  Look at the animals and admire the work that goes into breeding, raising and grooming them for the fair.  Go ahead and ask questions about our animals.  We spend a lot of time with them and know them by name.  Take some time to see the hand craft exhibits and admire the work these craftsman put into each piece.  Look at the garden produce and think about the hours that gardener spent in the hot sun weeding and caring for his plants.

And maybe you will be inspired to enter something in the fair next year.  It is so rewarding to wander into the exhibit building and see the blue ribbon on the item you worked so many hours on.  And the premium check is quite rewarding as well.

So gather the family and head to the fair!


About dwolters

mama to 4 wonderful kids. live on a farm and raise sheep
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