Back to school

The school district we live in has adopted an almost year round calendar so school starts August 1, and concludes at the end of May, leaving just June and July for summer.  Due to our farm work, showing sheep and college schedules, we do not start until near the end of August.  So this is officially our second week of school.  This is our 16th year of home schooling, so you would think that I have figured it out by now, and maybe I have, but this year it is harder to get into a routine and schedule than other years.  Granted, with 2 high school students, we do not do the first day of school events that we did when they were younger.  And they work very well independently, so there is not as much hand on teaching as there was just a few years ago.

Maybe it is the hot weather we still have, the temp is supposed to be over 90 today!  And we are still in the midst of hauling hay, showing sheep and other summer activities.  But we are back to school.  And it is pretty quiet right now.  Scholars are learning next concepts, memorizing vocabulary words, and working equations.  I am planning menus, doing laundry and picking up from the weekend. 

When I began homeschooling I was up for the adventure and ready to go.  Now that I can actually see the end, it is a bit daunting to see what has been accomplished.  Two homeschool high school graduates working their way through college, one to graduate May 2013.  Home education has evolved and become very accepted.  More people are exploring this educational option and so many resources are available to the parent teacher.  My kids are not the only home school kids in any event they attend, which was not the case at the beginning.  And most people think it is an ok educational option. 

So here we are, back to school.  I wonder what we will learn this year?  Many lessons from the books I have carefully chosen, but other life lessons as well.



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mama to 4 wonderful kids. live on a farm and raise sheep
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