Sheep Showing season continues…

We have been to numerous fairs in Tennessee in the last couple of weeks, including 2 shows over the weekend, and 2 more next week.  In additions, the kids completed in 2 4-H judging teams and a cross country meet.  All that to say, not much time for blogging.  But next weekend will be the end of sheep showing, and cross country will be over by mid October, so things will calm a bit.

Hope that you are enjoying the cooler temps and are getting ready for fall.  And have you begun thinking about Christmas?  I have started making a list of gifts to give and ideas for gift giving. Have you started making any gifts?

On another note, I was able to bless a young new mother with some gifts for her new baby boy today. My college daughter was attending a baby shower for a student mother.  We did not need to run to the store and try to find something for the shower.  Instead, we went to the “gift basket” and found some great gifts that I had picked up for $1 or less earlier in the year.  I send a baby blanket that I made last summer.  When a friend’s mother passed she gave me all the fabric and sewing items, which included fabric to make several baby blanket.  We included a box of baby wipes that I had picked up for free while playing the drug store game. My daughter chose several outfits and sleepers that I picked up at Wal-Mart clearance for less than $1 each.  And I also included a child’s book that I had received for reviewing it  for the publisher.

It was fun to put together a nice gift for this young mother and know that I did not spend a lot of money AND saved a lot of time on a weekend when we were beyond busy.  That is the beauty of planning ahead.


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mama to 4 wonderful kids. live on a farm and raise sheep
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