Baking and Cooking from the cupboard this week

Our sheep showing season has about finished up for the season.  I parked the trailer and turned the sheep into their respective pastures for the winter.  Last week I attended a 4-H Volunteer Leader Conference in Little Rock, Arkansas.  It was an incredible experience to see 4-H leaders from across 13 states gathered together for fun and learning.  The collective widsom in that conference center was vast!  I presented 2 workshops that my kids helped me prepare, but the attendees often had more knowledge than I did.  Very humbling.

And now this week my high school students are attending the youth version of the same conference, hosted in Tennessee.  They planned workshops too, so we spend a bit of time gathering the supplies they needed for Barnyard Olympics and African Folk tales workshops.  Before they left I baked 4 batches of cookies for them to take and share with the conference planning committee.  One committee member requested oatmeal/ chocolate cookies.  When I got ready to bake I realized that the cupboard was a bit bare:  no chocolate chips or baking nuts, so I had to be a bit creative.  But since the rest of my baking supplies were in good inventory, I was quickly able to make 4 different batches of cookies:  chewy chocolate oatmeal, chocolate crinkle cookies, peanut butter rice crispy treats and sugar cut-out cookies. It was fun to be able to send the kids with sweet snacks to share.

So, have you figured out that means that I am home alone?  That means I am doing all the chores and cooking is just for 1 this week.  I decided to get a bit creative and work with what was in the cupboard and try to use things up.  It has been pretty easy, really.  I did enjoy breakfast out with a friend yesterday and have not gone hungry!  My college girls come home tonight, so I plan to let Hannah cook and bake, as she enjoys it A LOT. 

Just in case you think that I am not spending any time in the kitchen, let me reassure you that is not the case.  Yesterday I made a baked pasta dinner for 100 youth, that I delivered to their church youth group activity last night.  I have the honor to help a thriving ministry to needy youth in our community by providing dinner once a month and last night was my turn.  This is an example of meeting real needs.  The kids will come to the Bible study because they know they get dinner.  Thanks Brother Gray and Sister Mamee for loving so well.

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