Renuzit Fresh Accents Holiday Air Freshner- product review

The first thing I notice when I walk in the door is how the house smells.  We live on a farm, so sometimes the house smells a bit like the barn, depending on the work and season.  But most people want a clean fresh scent in the house.  Renuzit to the rescue, especially at the holidays.  Renuzit has released a new holiday collection of Fresh Accents Holiday Edition with Festive Snow and Winter Berry scents.  These air fresheners are easy to use, just set on a table top or shelf, no electricity or batteries required. And they last for about 30 days.

We tried the Winter Berry Fresh Accent in our home office 2 weeks ago.  It immediately began to spread the fresh scent throughout the room, and has continued.  The Winter Berry scent does not really remind me of berries.  It is a pretty sweet scent.  The best description is like cough syrup.  It is a refreshing scent, just not what I think of based on the title.  We are waiting until next month to try the winter berry, but from the scratch and sniff sticker on the front of the package it smells like a Xmas tree.

The Renuzit Fresh Accent air freshener is easy to use and inexpensive, about $2/each.  The front has a star/ snowflake design that makes it a Christmas decoration in itself.  These were released in stores this week, so on your next trip to town check your favorite store and see if they have arrived yet.

Disclaimer:  Renuzit brand provided free samples of Fresh Accents air
freshener so I could review them. However, all of the opinions
expressed here are my own.


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mama to 4 wonderful kids. live on a farm and raise sheep
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