Holiday Fashion- what to wear to the holiday party?- Preparing for holidays series #5

What to wear to the Christmas party?  It is the yearly question.  These girls sure found great outfits, but what’s a girl to do?

My birthday is in December, so I always got new clothes in time to have a new Christmas outfit. But times have changed and my clothing needs seem to be a bit more complicated.  Here are some frugal ideas for Holiday dressing.

  • Do you have a big event that you will be attending that requires you to really dress up?  If so, plan early!  Having to find just the right outfit just days or hours before the big party will be difficult and you will probably spend more money than you had planned to get to the party on time. Do you have something in your closet that you can just jazz up with an accessory or 2 and wear it again?
  • Can you buy a classic piece that will serve you for a long time?  A simple black dress is so versatile!  It can be dressed up or down and goes with just about anything. 
  • Is your holiday get together casual?  Wearing your favorite jeans and a festive shirt or blouse can be easy to pull off. Or just find something in your closet that can pass as festive, like a red or green shirt. 
  • Kids- do they need a holiday specific outfit?  I found that while the smocked Christmas dress was incredibly cute, my daughter could only wear it 2-3 times.  If someone gave it to us, we gladly wore it, but I did not purchase anything that could not be worn other times of the year.  Again, basic red and green do look festive, but can be worn after the holidays.
  • For the guys?  They are so much easier to dress for the Christmas party.  If it is dressy, a red tie looks quite festive.  And a bright-colored sweater is great for a more casual event. 
  • Christmas comes only once a year and while I remember what I wore to each party last year, I doubt anyone else does.  So don’t be afraid to wear the same thing this year that you wore last year, especially if money is a bit tight and you don’t feel you can afford a new outfit.  Your smile and good attitude will shine through and you will have a great time knowing you were a good steward of your money.

About the picture, these girls were summer missionaries working at a women’s shelter.  They decided to have a Christmas party in July.  They did it all:  Christmas dinner, music, presents, decorations,and  read the Christmas story. They found these clothes in the donated clothes bin and wore them to help the residents get into the spirit of the day. It was precious!  I think they all had shorts on, because it was over 100 degrees the day of the party.



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