Thanksgiving Days

We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with all the children home.  This could be the last year for a while (a long while) as our oldest will graduating from college in May and plans to attend grad school in Washington State.  Anyway, everyone was home and we did many of the usual holiday things:  slept in, ate great food, gathered with friends, split and stacked firewood, and watched movies. The college girls had school work as finals are next week, so they would sneak off to get a bit of studying done.  Tim had year end work reports due, so he would bring his computer down and work while watching movies.

We also were able to serve our community.  We again helped cook and serve meals to over 900 hungry in our county.  This project grows larger every year, but the volunteers, money and food grows too.  It is humbling to be apart of such a needed effort.  Earlier in the week the younger children along with Tim and I worked with several different groups to gather, move, sort and store donated food items.  For a couple of days I just kept moving canned food around:  from the office to the truck; from the truck to the shelf; from the trailer to the church; from the school to the car; from the car to the food pantry; etc.  But each time the recipient was so incredibly thankful and we were honored to be apart.

And then on Friday the yearly chore of splitting and stacking our firewood.  We heat our house with wood and have 5 acres of trees, so it is a relatively thrifty way to heat our house.  But it does take a lot of work.  And this part of the project is best when everyone is here to help.  We rent the log splitter (bargin $55/day!) and split, and stack.  We logged 5 hours on the log splitter and there were a couple of more hours of stacking.  But, WOW! How wonderful it looks.  And we know that we will have all the wood we need for at least a year, plus are able to take it to others who have needs.

What did you do for the Thanksgiving weekend?  Time with family and friends?  Shopping?  Eating and watching football?  Hope it was just wonderful!


About dwolters

mama to 4 wonderful kids. live on a farm and raise sheep
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