Christmas and the holidays

The end of the year is always such a busy time with holiday events.  And then throw in a few work parties, family events and even a road trip, holiday times are just busy.  But in all the business there is so much for which to be thankful. 

  • Family- enjoyed time with family!
  • Memories- we will have stories to tell in the future
  • Food- so thankful to have food and being able to share with others
  • Gifts- given and received with love
  • Church- attended services on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning
  • Vacation- enjoying time away from home and work

I trust that your Christmas was filled with love and warmth! 

Christmas is such a family oriented day, and so if you experienced a loss of a loved one within the last year, this Christmas might have had a few tears.  But hopefully you were able to have happy memories too, remembering Christmas past and the wonderful times you shared.

Anyone have any new traditions they implemented this year?  Or drop a tradition? We stopped the stocking tradition.  With kids in high school and college, it just was not as fun.  I know I could have stuffed their stocking with school supplies, personal care items and candy, but since we were traveling, we kept things pretty simple this year.  We’ll see, maybe next year it will be back.  And because we were out of the state we were unable to participate in the Christmas Day feeding of the hungry in our county.  We all agree that we missed that event, and plan to participate next year.

So, what are your thoughts on Christmas? And Happy New Year!


About dwolters

mama to 4 wonderful kids. live on a farm and raise sheep
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