“The Money Saving Mom’s Budget” book review

The Money Saving Mom’s Budget” is the new book by blogger Crystal Paine.  I found her blog about 2 years ago when my teenage daughter sent me a link for coupon match ups.  I have enjoyed Crystal’s posts and articles and was surprised to receive a copy of her book in the  mail yesterday.  I thought I had received the book to review for my fledgling blog, so after I cleaned up the dinner dishes, I started to read it. 

]The book is a no-nonsense how-to-do-it, get out of debt and get a handle on your family’s finances.  The first few chapters describe the importance of a budget and how to set it up, simply.  The chapters are short and easy to read, interspersed with personal success stories to encourage you to keep going.  The second half of the book is ideas on stretching your money-saving money in various areas of the budget.  Much time is spent on food and grocery areas because it is an easy area to spend a lot of money or save a lot.  And as Crystal says, everyone has to eat, so you might as well save some money doing it.  Next in the book are areas to save money in areas including date night and purchasing home furnishings.  Then I read page 153 and there was another reader submitted idea…it was mine!  Crystal had asked readers to submit money-saving ideas for her upcoming book last year when she was writing it.  I spent the better part of the day thinking about what I could send, there were already so many great ideas already posted. 

I submitted this:

“Volunteer and Get in Free.  We are heading to the National Wildlife and Turkey Federation Convention soon.  The tickets cost $20 each, but all four of us will get in free.  No, we are not sneaking in; we will have nametags and be welcomed at the registration desk because we are volunteering!  For the exchange of three hours worth of work, we get admission to this large convention.  The principle has worked for numerous other events that we wanted to attend, but just could not come up with the money.”  Dee, moneysavingmom.com reader

WOW!  I was so surprised!  I am honored that Crystal decided to use my idea and I hope that others will start volunteering and be able to attend activities that are out of their price range.  This idea is especially useful for teenagers who want to go to events that are quite costly.

To purchase the book for yourself check out Amazon

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