Purex UltraPacks and Crystals- product reviews

Purex is bringing out new products right and left.  I guess this should help to add some excitement to laundry day, or at least help to eliminate some of the boredom.  Here is a review of these new products.

Purex UltraPacks

Premeasured little pillows of detergent all ready to throw into the water.  Designed for all washing machines types including He machines.  Purex has tried to simplify laundry with this new product.  I think it would be very nice for doing laundry away from home when you have to haul not only the dirty clothes, but also the heavy jug of detergent, like my college daughters who have to go the basement to wash their clothes.

Because I have an He machine I am used to pouring the soap into a drawer at the top of the machine, so to use this product I have to remember to put it in with the clothes.  It did clean clothes and linens well. There is no mess or spills.  Easy to use.

Purex Crystals

On to the fabric softener products, Purex is changing the way we use fabric softener, by adding it right to the tub with the clothes.  Fabric softeners traditionally remove the wicking properties of sports clothes, so we have to do without for workout clothes.  But not anymore.  New Purex Crystals is 92% natural and does not use oils so it is safe for all clothes including sports clothes.

Similar to the UltraPacks, Crystals are added to the clothes, not put into the product drawer at the top of the machine.  I think the fragrance of the Crystals product is a bit too much, so I use less than the recommended amount, and still get great softening of the clothes.



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