Frugal tip #4 Establish a relationship with Service people

We all rely on others who are experts in their field to help us, whether it is our doctor, mechanic or plumber.  And having a relationship with these folks makes life so much easier, and in some cases less expensive.  When we have an established relationship, the per visit cost is less.  And there may be other benefits as well.

Over the weekend we noticed that one of our three heat pumps was not working.  After a few minutes of trouble shooting, we decided it needed a new thermostat.  A quick trip to Lowes and installation did not solve the problem.  I called my heating/ AC repair guy to leave a message on the answering machine requesting an early Monday morning appointment.  To my surprise, he answered the phone (on Sat evening) and said he would have a repairman there between 8-9 on Monday, unless we were really in trouble.  I assured him we were fine for the weekend.  And before 9:00 Monday, problem was solved.  We have heat again. 

Last week I made the trek to our local mechanic for an oil change and tire rotation.  They said it would be about an hour, which is what I expected.  I sat in the rocking chair with my book and waited.  They called me after about an hour and said my car was finished, but that I needed an alignment ASAP.  Quickly evaluating my week, I decided that it was best to just have it done now.  After a quick look at the cars also waiting alignment, they said it would be about 2 hrs.  I was a little tired of waiting, but decided it would be better than having to come another day.  So back to my chair, but someone else had sat in it while I was at the desk, so I had to sit in on the couch.  About 20 minutes later he called me, my car was finished.  I asked to make sure the alignment had been completed, and he assured me it was.  I mentioned that I thought it was going to be a bit longer, and he said that because I am such a good customer, I was moved to the front of the line.

I am so thankful for experts who are really good at what they do and that they can solve problems for me.  And knowing that they care enough about me to go the extra mile is comforting!

Who is your favorite expert?  I know several of you have husbands who are very talented in home repair/ wood working/ plumbing, etc. and I am thankful that they help me out too.


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