“Reversing Diabetes” by Don Colbert, MD

“Reversing Diabetes” by Don Colbert, MD

Dr. Colbert has compiled so much information about type 2 diabetes and published it in a very readable book.  Many people have type 2 or may develop it as they age.  Type 2 can often be controlled by a change in lifestyle including diet and activity level. This book starts with a complete discussion of diabetes and its causes.  This is followed by  lengthy chapters about food and how it affects the body and diabetes.  And finally Dr. Colbert concludes with his Rapid Waist Reduction Diet. 

Through out the book there are sidebars with tid bits of information that supports the main body of text.  He sprinkles in personal stories of people who have conquered their type 2 issues.  These are quite encouraging. 

The Rapid Waist Reduction Diet is quite complicated and very restrictive.  This diet would not be easy to cook with foods in most people’s panty, it would take special shopping and cooking.  When cooking for a large family (like I have) this would be a bit of a challenge, as the diet is not adequate for growing children or athletes, both of which live in my house.  And some of the recipes do not very appetizing to me, but some of the others look pretty good.  And part of the weight reduction program includes using hcG- known as the pregnancy hormone.  There is relatively little discussion of this component of the diet routine, although it appears to be a major component. 

Conclusions:  I do not have type 2 diabetes, so I was not overly compelled to adopt this approach, but I read the book with the mindset that I did need to address the type 2 issue.  The book had a lot of information!  It would be a good book to read when starting to navigate the type 2 journey.  I would also read other books to get another opinion of methods of treatment and lifestyle. I thought the discussion of activity (author does not like the word exercise) was a bit slim, but it was addressed well.

Disclaimer:  Charisma House provided me a copy of this book to review.  All opinions expressed are my own.


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