TN 4-H Congress 2012

I had the privilege to spend the better part of last week with 400 9th and 10th grade 4-H members at the Tennessee 4-H Congress event held in downtown Nashville.  This premier event is held at the Downtown Sheraton Hotel with several activities taking place at the War Memorial Auditorium, right across the street from the state capital.

The annual event has several components:  leadership, citizenship and public speaking competitions; legislative activities; and elections.  There are also motivational and government speakers, legislative visits, dinner out in Nashville, and an afternoon cruise on the General Jackson riverboat.  It is non-stop activity from Sunday afternoon until Wednesday morning! 

For many students, this is the first time to a big city!  And could be the first time for:

  • riding in a 24 story elevator
  • meeting their senator and representative
  • eating a catered meal with linen and china
  • staying in a large hotel
  • meeting other 4-H members from around the state

I was one of many volunteer leaders who invested in the lives of these students.  Our jobs were easy, help them locate seats in the War Memorial Building, check name badges when entering meetings, accompany students to dinner out in Nashville, and just hang out with some terrific students!

On a personal note:  Rachael was selected as the winner of the leadership competition.

And Aaron was voted Speaker of the Senate for the 2013 Congress.


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