“The Bride Wore Blue” by Mona Hodgson, Book Review

“The Bride Wore Blue” by Mona Hodgson, Book Review

Vivian is the youngest of the Sinclair sisters and she finally moves to Cripple Creek when her father moves to France, but will not take her along.  She is a budding fashion designer, but is unable to find work in Cripple Creek.  As the baby of the family, she feels she must prove herself by standing on her own without her sisters’ help.  And a mistake from her recent past haunts her even in her new home.

Vivian has always been the family favorite, and when she arrives in Cripple Creek she is warmly welcomed by her older sisters and their families.  She has the bad fortune to arrive on the train that has been targeted by outlaws for robbery, so she becomes a prime witness.  Her attention to fashion detail helps the deputy find clues to help determine the robbers.

Through out the story Vivian struggles with her self-worth and her worth in God’s eyes, but in the end she finds love and acceptance from God and her family.

Great continuation of the series:  The Sinclair Sisters of Cripple Creek (this is book 3).  Book 4 “Twice a Bride” is due out in October 2012.

Disclaimer:  I was provided  a copy of this book by Waterbrook Press as a member of their Blogging for Books program.  All opinions expressed are my own.




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