Small cleaning jobs- Day 3

I tackled a rather large, small cleaning job yesterday with vacuuming both stair cases and several rooms upstairs and down.  It was the only time I had yesterday for cleaning, so I am glad I did a larger job.

This morning I was looking forward (sorta) knocking out a cleaning job.  After loading the dishwasher (which I repaired this week) and wiping down all the counters, I was looking for a cleaning job.  I opened the cabinet under the sink and found my job!  I needed to clean under the sink.  So I pulled everything out and wiped the tiles under the sink, cleaned the cupboard doors and put it all back.  Easy!

Next I decided to spray for bugs.  We are not experiencing any specific problems, but I do try to treat our house a couple of times a year, so today is the day.  I pulled the insecticide from the shelf in the laundry room and started around the outside of he house.  I spray the outside perimeter of the house to discourage bugs from coming inside.  If we have problems I will also spray inside the house, but I ran out when I had finished outside.  Another quick job- Done.

Are you with me in knocking out a small annoying job each day?  Try it.  It is rather satisfying and pretty easy.


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mama to 4 wonderful kids. live on a farm and raise sheep
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