Small cleaning job- schedule routine maintance

This small cleaning job is best saved for a day when you don’t have much time, but want to get something done- call to schedule routine maintenance on home appliances.  Two times a year I have my heating/ AC guy come to service my 3 heat pumps.  Two of the heat pumps are original to the house, so we keep babying them along in hopes of another season of heating/ cooling.  And the third unit we replaced our first summer here, so I know how much a new unit costs, so I want to keep in good order.  I try to schedule these visits when I know the repairman is not swamped with urgent requests for service.

And since we heat our house with wood, I schedule a chimney cleaning yearly to make sure we are safe and our stove is working very efficiently.  I also want to schedule this when the service man is not handling a lot of urgent calls.  I have found that May is a great time to schedule both of these appointments.  I have even had both out on the same day- that is very efficient for me.

Scheduling these visits during the “off season” I sometimes get a discount (yeah!) and know that my household is working well.  And because I have established a relationship with these repairmen, when I do have a problem, I do get good service, often the same day I call or the next depending on the severity of the problem.

What household systems do you need to maintain?  Do you have a trusted repair person?  If not, call your friend or neighbor for a suggestion.  I have found that I get the best recommendations from other repair people.  Don’t wait until it breaks, service it before the season starts


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