Cleaning jobs- Tuesday edition

When I was growing up we “stripped the beds” weekly and my mother washed the sheets and remade our beds before we got home from school.  That weekly schedule became unrealistic for me with 5 beds, so we have our own schedule.  The children take care of their own beds and I have only 1 to do.  So today I took the sheets and towels from our room and washed, dried and put back on the bed.  I have other sheets and towels, but this way I do not have to fold the sheets and put them into the linen closet.

With the warmer weather we now have in Tennessee, there are fewer blankets to put on the bed, so this is a rather short job.

What did you get checked on your “to do” list today?


About dwolters

mama to 4 wonderful kids. live on a farm and raise sheep
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One Response to Cleaning jobs- Tuesday edition

  1. Nancy C. says:

    Mopping! Finally got most of the floors done. I love using Murphy’s Oil Soap. It smells so good.

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