Wed. small cleaning job

I love the light in our house, both from windows and light fixtures.  But I do not like changing the light bulbs.  Often when removing the light bulb, the glass part will separate from the metal part that screws into the light socket, necessitating the use of needle nose pliers to remove.  So I tend to let a few light bulbs blow out before I change them.  One time we had 3 dead bulbs in a 4 bulb fixture in our living room.

This morning, I started on the front porch, moved to the living room, then upstairs to our bedroom and finally to the kitchen, changing a bulb or 2 at each stop.  While I had my head in the fixture, I noticed how dusty they all were, so I went back with a wet rag and cleaned the glass globes and the ceiling fan blades (if I could reach them). 

Let there be light!

What is your small, nagging, cleaning job that you will complete today?  Aaron has a big one, he is working to get our flock of sheep sheared!  We think there are about 7 more to go.


About dwolters

mama to 4 wonderful kids. live on a farm and raise sheep
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