Memorial Day- barn cleaning day

This is the barn we cleaned today.

Today was a big cleaning job day.  We tackled cleaning the people spaces in the barn, this is the area that the people use rather than the side that the sheep live in, and the loft. 

It is time to get hay bales, but I had to count how many we had left from last year to know how many we need to buy this year.  While in the loft I met several creatures who had moved in over the winter:  many red wasps  and a bat.  We decided the bat looked healthy, it was hanging upside down from the ceiling rafter and sleeping, so we left him alone.  The wasps, we quite disturbed that we were in their space, so we showered them with wasp spray.  Then we moved a few things around, stacked empty cages in one area, moved bagged fertilizer downstairs to be applied to the grass, gathered some trash and counted hay bales.  We stacked them so terribly last year that it is hard to count, but we estimate about 100, which is enough for another year.

Downstairs, we cleaned off shelves, under the stairs, and around the work bench and the equipment.  Tools were returned to the right place on the peg board, others were stowed in the tool box.  Broken items were sent to the trash pile or repair pile.  Tools and equipment used primary in the winter were stowed, and summer tools were pulled out and repaired.

Now we are heading to a cook out in the neighboring county at the home of a 4-H friend.  She said there is a historical marker in front of her house, how cool!  I will have to read it and learn a bit about Tennessee History.

Cleaning or playing today?  Either is great!


About dwolters

mama to 4 wonderful kids. live on a farm and raise sheep
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