“Flame of Resistance” By Tracy Groot- book review

“Flame of Resistance” by Tracy Groot, book review

In the midst of German occupied France, Bridgette just tries to keep body and soul together any way she can.  The cold and hunger are constant. The Germans have taken to much from her, but she will not give them everything.

Tom Jager is an American pilot who is shot down in France and is picked up by the Resistance and becomes part of the movement.  He becomes part of a spy team that is intertwined through out all levels of the French people.

D-Day is coming and the French people long for freedom from the oppressive Germans.  The Resistance is working against the Germans, often right next door or in the same house.

The selflessness of many involved in this story is striking.  With so many who have so little, yet they give to others who are in need.  Many in the resistance lose their lives, but rarely give away the others involved.

This was a complicated novel, and took me several chapters to feel like I had an idea of who the players were.  There is a fair amount of French and German words used, but I was often not able to determine what was being said. There were a lot of characters and I sometimes had a difficult time remembering who they were.  And there were several adult themes (prostitution, torture, etc) that would make this book inappropriate for younger teens. If you have an interest in WWII history and especially, France’s involvement, this is the book for you. After I really got into the plot I did enjoy the book, but it took a while.

Disclaimer:  I received a copy of this book from the publisher, Tyndale.  All opinions expressed are my own.


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  1. Reason for Reading: next in the seriesContinuing on from the second book, Paul and his older sister continue to work for the Resistance unbeknownst to their mother who has given up her part in the shady dealings to keep her family safe. The eldest girl’s boyfriend is deeply involved with the movement causing her to wonder whether he really likes her or is just using her to get information from the Germans. Paul is working independently putting irreverent drawings around town of the Germans which are starting to cause a fuss. At this time in the history of the occupation we learn of the French police force started and run by the Germans called the Milice. A German military police force manned by French residents, obviously not a popular group with the locals. Throughout the plot we also learn of the Maquis, resistance groups hiding out in the forests planning for the moment when they can attack back. We learn of Philippe Petain, the leader of the new French State which worked in cooperation with the Nazis and we see the benefits that women were able to garner for themselves and their families if they fraternized with the Germans. Sometimes this was often a very hard decision to make when children were involved. The book ends with the family members not in accord with each other but with a ray of hope for the future as they celebrate a birthday and letter received from Papa. A grand sequel to the first book. I’m very much looking forward to where the final book will take us as I am expecting something tragic to happen.

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