Tuesday cleaning job

The end of last week and weekend was extremely busy with preparing for 3 of the children to travel (to different places).  Now things are very quiet around the house.  And the 1 remaining child and I are doing all the chores.

Today’s cleaning job was to move 2 ewes (sheep) from our pasture.  These 2 ewes did not lamb last year, so they are finished at our farm.  We loaded them into the truck and took them to another farm in a neighboring county.  So I did a small cleaning in the pasture, 2 less sheep to feed.  We brought back 3 bags of wool from the other farm to take to the Tennessee Wool Pool on Thurs. 

A little history, Tennessee Wool Pool is the oldest co-operative in the nation.  Each year farmers bring their sheared wool to the wool pool, where it is sorted, graded and baled.  This year we will earn a record price for the wool, $1.13/pound.  This is much higher than the .32/pound we got just a couple of years ago.  Many of the farmers stay and work at the pool, as it is done with volunteer labor.  There is a job for everyone:  sorting, unloading, weighing, unbagging, baling, weighing bales, recording weights and prices, etc.  It is a fun day, with lots of working and good natured humor.  And if you stay all day, there is BBQ for lunch, delivered from a local BBQ restaurant.  It is hot, hard, dirty work, but rewarding too.

Did you do any cleaning inside or out?  Take just a couple of minutes each day to do something.



About dwolters

mama to 4 wonderful kids. live on a farm and raise sheep
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