“Annie’s Truth” by Beth Shriver- book review

“Annie’s Truth” by Beth Shriver- book review

As the oldest daughter of this typical Amish family, Annie was expected to help her mother with household chores and whatnot.  One evening as she and her sister, Hanna, were looking through their wood chests containing the special items from their childhood and new items for their own homes, someday, Annie finds her Bible.  As she looks through the family pages at the beginning, she notices that her mother did not record her birth date, just the month and year, while all other dates were complete. 

When she asks her mother about the omission, she is shocked with the answer.  She was not born into her family, but found by her father abandoned in the field. 

She decides to seek information regarding her birth mother, but this is not well received by the ministers.  Her mother gives her information about a family in the city who used to be Amish before they were shunned. 

And Annie begins her venture into the English world.  She learns many lessons and eventually does meet her birth mother, but it is all very different than she had hoped. 

This book views the Amish/ English conflict in a very personal and powerful way.  The Amish wanting to remain separated from the world and the English trying to understand the Amish ways.  Annie is caught in the middle, wanting to obey her Amish heritage, but wanting to use the English systems to help her reach her goal.

The book is easy to read and helps the reader understand some of the differences with the Amish way of life.

Disclaimer:  I received a copy of the book from the publisher, Charisma, and all opinions expressed are my own.


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