“No Greater Love” by Levi Benkert- book review

“No Greater Love” by Levi Benkert- book review

“One man’s radical journey through the heart of Ethiopia”

Levi is a typical husband and father living in CA.  But when the housing market took a hit in 2009, Levi’s business started to experience problems, and soon was totally underwater.  He had hit the bottom and had no drive or direction when an out of the blue phone call changed his life.

A friend called to ask him to go to Ethiopia for 2 weeks to help with rescuing children who were abandoned by their families because of a long-held belief in a curse.  With the support of his wife, Jessie, Levi went to Ethiopia and his life was forever changed.

This book chronicles the story of the Benkert family as they literally sell everything and go to Africa to save children.  The story is one of unconditional love, utter poverty and orphaned children.  They find that living in a 3rd world country is quite a challenge!  But their family (including 3 children) bond and eventually thrive.  Levi and Jessie are faced with unbelievable challenges including government problems, illness, lack of food and utilities, and dealing with tribal elders.

This book is easy to read and I was quickly drawn into the crisis that exists with children in Africa.  The work of the Benkert family is not completed.  They are committed to helping the orphans in Africa and have recently had a change in mission due to cultural and governmental issues.  On a personal note, one of my daughters is in a developing county this summer on a mission trip, so I read this book with a lot of interest, and wonder if the story may be one of my family some day.

Disclaimer:  I received a copy of this book from the publisher, Tyndale, and all opinions expressed are my own.

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