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While I passed the 40 year old mark several years ago, Dr. Rose, our eye doctor, told me that my eye sight is still 20/20 and I do not have a need for glasses.  He assures me the day is coming, but enjoy these days while I can.  I did notice that after a day with a lot of reading or computer work that I had difficulty threading a needle if I am sewing in the evening, so I went back to see Dr. Rose and he said that I could get some reading glasses.

He gave me a perscription and I chose some glasses there at his office, as our insurance covers the cost of glasses.  I also ordered a pair from, just to see how easy or difficult it is to buy glasses without trying them on.  I did get a quick lesson in eye glass mearurments from Dr. Rose’s assistant so I could make an informed order.  I looked at many different frame styles and based on the size, ordered this one

Ordering was relatively easy, just fill in the form from the Dr. Rx.  The glasses were shipped quickly and arrived by US mail.  I did have to make a trip to the post office to sign for the package. 

When I opened the package I was please to see that they had been sent in a hard case, and included a cleaning cloth and repair kit.  At first, I thought they had sent the wrong glasses, but after looking at the picture again, it is the ones I ordered.  They look a lot different than in the picture.

I am happy with the glasses.  The perscription seems to be correct.  They fit relatively well, but I do need to have the ear pieces adjusted, and Dr. Rose’s office told me they would do it for me.  I feel the lenses are a little small and I tend to look below the lenses, even after wearing them for over a week. 

Overall, for the price I would order from them again.  Glasses are really pretty expensive and this company is selling them for a lot less than I can buy them from my eye doctor.  The package did come from China, so had  a lot of documentation on the outside, but arrived in good shape.  If you have a pretty standard perscription and do not need a lot of fancy things on your glasses, I would give it a try.  Or to have an extra pair.

Disclaimer:  I was provided with a free pair of glasses.  All opinions expressed are my own. But is offering a free pair of glasses to new customers, so you can try it out for yourself. 

Where do you like to get your glasses?  Eye Doctor, mass merchant, eye glass store?


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