“Faithful to Laura” by Kathleen Fuller, book review

“Faithful to Laura” by Kathleen Fuller, book review

Laura grew up in the Amish community in Ethridge, TN, but has recently moved to follow Matt King, the Amish boy she has fallen for.  But he does not love her!  He is just using her to steal her heart and her family’s life savings.  And then he attempts to kill her.  She escapes but with scares to her face.

Sawyer was orphaned and abused in the foster care system prior to be adopted into an Amish family.  There he found love and acceptance, and a sense of belonging.  Now he must decide whether to join the church or pursue higher education in the English or Yankee world. 

Then Sawyer’s world is rocked by the sudden appearance of his grandmother and her controlling manner.  He wants to know about his family, but does not appreciate how she deals with him, or others in the Amish community. 

Fuller has written an easy to read novel that follows the Amish traditions of forgiveness and grace, when confronted with the evils of the English world.  She has developed  the characters well and the story moves quickly to keep the reader turning the pages.  Conclusion of the series to be released soon.

This book is available in an ebook format for the Kindle, and since I received my Kindle Fire in the mail this week, I tried it out.  While there were a few formatting issues, it was easy to download and read on the Kindle.  And I did not have to wait for the mail man to deliver the book.  It was here instantly! 

Disclaimer:  I received a copy of this ebook from Book Sneeze to review.  All opinions expressed are my own.


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