“You Be Sweet” by Patsy Caldwell and Amy Lyles Wilson, book review

“You Be Sweet” by Patsy Caldwell and Amy Lyles Wilson, book review

“Sharing your heart one down-home dessert at a time” is the subtitle of this wonderful new book by the authors of “Bless Your Heart: Saving the World One Covered Dish at a time.” And this is just a “sweet” book, indeed.

Patsy Caldwell has compiled an incredible selection of truly Southern dessert recipes, there is something here for everyone and every occasion.  And most have ingredients that are readily available at the local grocery.  The pictures are mouth-watering and delicious.  As I am reading this in the middle of summer I am especially interested in all the fruit recipes, including peach and berries.

Amy Lyles Wilson has written favorite hometown memories related to the desserts included in the book.  Having lived in the south for almost 9 years, I can relate to most of the stories and appreciate the characters included.  Most Southern ladies have a signature dessert or two that are served at the church social or home place event.  And there are memories tied to each of the sweet treats.

“You Be Sweet” is also a favorite maternal saying admonished on youngsters (of all ages) when being left at an event (such as Sunday School Class) or as a fond farewell. 

I really enjoyed the chapter opening stories.  The characters are similar to those in any small southern town and were just heartwarming.  And then the recipes…where to begin?  I made several the first week and they vanished in the blink of an eye!  So I guess that means my family approves!  Can’t wait to incorporate a few more in the coming months, especially this fall with the pumpkin and nuts.

Disclaimer:  I received a copy of this book from the publisher, Thomas Nelson.  All opinions expressed are my own.


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