“Cutie Pies” by Dani Cone, book review

“Cutie Pies” by Dani Cone- owner of Seattle’s High 5 Pies and Fuel Coffee

I got an email from PaperBack Swap, my favorite book site saying I had won the weekly drawing and would be receiving the book “Cutie Pies.”  WOW, that made my day!  I love Paper Back Swap (read about how it works) and getting a free book from them was just, sweet.

And what a sweet book it is…Cutie Pies is a collection of 40 sweet, savory, and adorable recipes for pies.  This is not a book to read in the middle of the afternoon, with lunch long forgotten and dinner nowhere in sight, because the pictures and recipes are incredible.

The author tells her pie story then jumps right in to the foundation of all good pies, the crust.  From there it is all uphill, with a new twist on an old favorite or a totally new idea for a pie.  There are techniques for making pie pops (pie on a stick) or pie jars (individual pies baked and eaten out of jelly jars.  Some are savory meal type pies, others are cream and holiday pies.  But all are just yummy looking.

While this is a working type of cookbook, the illustrations and photos make it worthy for a place on the coffee table as well as the kitchen counter.  Would make a great gift for your dessert loving friends.

Disclaimer:  I received a copy of the book from PaperBack Swap from the weekly drawing (thanks).  All opinions expressed are my own.


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