Busy time of year- county fairs and sheep shows

Each September there is a 10 day period when we show our sheep 5 times, and we are almost at the end of that time for 2012.  It is an exhausting time, late nights and early mornings, driving while pulling the trailer, and showing sheep.  But it is a great time too, seeing friends we have spent the summer with, earning money, and knowing show season will soon be over.  Tomorrow we will take the sheep to the last fair, check them in and be back on Monday night for the show.  The good thing about showing so close together is that we do not have to wash and fit for each show, just a bit of touch up here and there and they are ready to go. 

Then we turn the ram in with the ewes, take the ram lambs for a ride to the butcher’s, and wait for lambs in the spring.  I have washed the sheep blankets for the last time this year and will store them for the winter.  We have packed away the fleeces to go to the wool pool next June and I will send the clipper blades to be sharpened soon. 

I hope that you have had a chance to visit a country or state fair near you and enjoy a bit of agriculture and good old-fashioned family fun.  If not, hurry, there might be one near you soon.



About dwolters

mama to 4 wonderful kids. live on a farm and raise sheep
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