“Ant-T-Ant” product review

“Ant-T-Ant” product review

Ants can invade anywhere, anytime and without an invitation.  We commonly think of any problems at picnics, but there are numerous other times and places when ants can cause problems.

The “Ant-T-Ant” system is an easy and effective way to deal with the ant problem.  This system that prevents ants from getting into the food by placing the dish up on small plastic pedestals that do not allow ants to climb. 

I tried the Ant-T-Ant system on my back porch with the dog food dish.  The small plastic posts have adhesive on the top and bottom to attach to the dish, in this case a metal dog food bowl.  They were easy to apply.  And they definitely kept the ants away from the dog food.  No hassle, sprays or chemicals.

The down side, the posts were not very sturdy, so after about a week, the dog had knocked off 2 of the posts, and the remaining ones were not long to follow.  I did try to reapply, but the post had stuck to the deck and gotten dirty, so would not stick again.

Conclusion:  if you have an area with a continual any problem, or a temporary situation (picnic) the ant-t-ant system will work well.  They need to be used in an area that is fairly stable.  Does not work well for pets and probably would not work where there is a lot of traffic or use. 

Disclaimer:  I was provided a set of Ant-t-ant posts to use and review.  All opinions expressed are my own.


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